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Question about arena/rbg achieves

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#1 MrCer

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 09:17 PM

I pug a lot of my RBG games, and last season I almost hit 2.2k(2186) with just pug groups from battlemasters. Two seasons ago I had only a 1.8k rbg rating and my highest arena achieve was 1550. I was on a dead RP server and I had a need for PvP in me! But no one to play with and anyone I played with didn't know much about pvping.

I transfered over to Mal'Ganis for this season, hoping to get to play with better players and push for a legit arena rating. I know I'm at least a 2.1k player(not that it's worth a medal or anything) however I still don't have a good arena achieve. That's what happens when you try to pvp on a dead server with nothing but RPers.

I already have my 2.1k rbg achieve, and I'm gonna push for 2.2k this season in rbgs. However, I'm worried that my current RBG leader might have doubts about me, seeing how my highest arena achieve is only 1750; yet I claim to be a 2.1k player in rbgs.

Do you think this will be an issue for me? For Pugging rbgs at least.
Does this make me look like I got carried or wintraded?
Should I try to push for at least a 2k arena achieve before I claim to be a "2.1k player"? not that it's even a high rating.

EDIT: Am I just worrying about nothing?
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#2 Mitoo

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 07:47 AM

First, you should not care about what anyone thinks about your game play or your achievements.

There is always room for improvement, so just strive to get better not mater how good you think you are.

Its not hard to find decent RBG groups this days, with cross realm features etc. Dont know if your playing US or EU, there is a irc channel for EU where you can find groups easily, from just weekly cap to 2500+ rated ones.

90% of ppl that are on that channel are nice and know how to play, once you get started and play with same group you can go high rating with no problem.

Last season I got my shaman alt to 2300 in one or two days once i found good group, this season with my warlock alt i got to 2400 also in one or two days, and still going for more.

When you find group/people ask for battle tag, that way you can always contact them, or see if they looking for more RBG.

I got shit loads of friends and groups just from that irc. I dont even play with my guild anymore :)

Good luck, just be patient and it will come to you.
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