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Combat Rogue Burst

rogue combat burst

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#1 Killer_of_Trees

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 01:22 AM

ok so ever since 4.1 ive very much enjoyed playing combat rogue in PvP, now a days its more viable than it was in cata but it still feels like i dont have the burst other classes do, idk if im doing something wrong or if my stat priorities are wrong or what the issue is, thats why im here..

first i will list the talent choices i chose for damage as well as macros im attempting to use to boost my burst damage

in tier 2 i chose Nerve Strike (reduced healing and damage done.. awesome right?)
tier 4 Cloak and Dagger to make sure that moving away doesnt ruin the macro
tier 5 Prey on the weak for 10% more damage

i am also using the following glyphs

Adrenaline Rush (reduces global cd of sinister strike and eviserate)
Cheap Shot (increases stun duration by 1 second)
Expose Armor (applies 3 stacks for a single use)

now i have 3 macros im utilizing purely for burst they are as follows


/castsequence reset=5 Cheap Shot, Revealing Strike, Expose Armor, Slice and Dice, Vanish, Cheap Shot

as u can see this starts with a CS then revealing strike for more eviscerate damage and more combo point generation, expose armor for more damage (maybe, i'll get to that at the end) and slice n dice, then i vanish and cheap shot once more for the increased damage (im not sure if the DR is too set in by now, maybe i should start with garrote instead?)

after the opener i pop cds as follows in this macro

#showtooltip Adrenaline Rush
/use Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
/use Virmen's Bite
/cast Shadow Blades
/cast Adrenaline Rush

another easy one to read.. starting by popping my on use agility trinket for a 2,390 agility boost, then virmens bite for a 4,000 agility boost, followed by shadow blades (SnD is up on 3 point duration at this time) and finally popping adrenaline rush.

then we go to the actual damage macro

/castsequence reset=5 Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike, Eviscerate

with shadow blades active sinister strike generates 2 combo points per hit so this would generate 4 combo points before eviscerate, however at this point we're counting on revealing strike buff to pop in that extra combo point (would i be better off putting a 3rd sin strike and letting the 1 point over flow while losing another global?)

several questions here.

1. is expose armor worth wasting a global on with shadow blades in the mix? im not 100% sure but i heard somewhere that since its shadow damage it already ignores armor

2. is there maybe a more effective way to organize these abilities? maybe some that are on separate globals so i can save time getting them all up.

3. why is this not giving the damage i had expected? on dummies i can get around 100kish on a full malev DK i can do 25k dps (blood) or 31k dps (frost)

yes 30k is pretty decent damage, but its not the killer rogue status i see others pulling and its def not what i had expected from the time it took me to figure out everything to line up and wrote all of the macros and test 100,000,000 times

currently i am full malev gear with 2 tyran, i have 2 1h swords for combat (daggers in bags for sub) i also have the on use agil trinket, the agility proc trinket, the "freedom" (as i call it) trinket for breaking stuns and i have a PvE trinket thats procs 8,800 agility on a very good proc rate, but i lose out on pvp power and resil by equipping it

my gems are mainly all PvP power expect when i can get close to equal amount in agility. i understand agil > pvp power however 320 pvp power is greater than 160 agil (in my mind) but im open to suggestion

reforged for all haste where i can and mastery where i cant go haste

hit is at 5.40% with the PvE proc trink equipped 2.81% when 2 PvP trinks equipped
expertise just over 3%

now im no pro at this game but i consider myself slightly above average, i understand abilities and macros and i google a lot of things to try and get a better understanding but i just cant seem to pull the burst i want. if i could get this right i feel i can finally hit 2k in 2s but until then my highest record is just under 1550

any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank in advance :)

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#2 WildeHilde

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 08:11 AM

Expose Armor is probably worth it from a damage point of view, especially if you play with another class that deals physical damage. Combat has the lowest damage per energy so you are dependent on the two bursts (Blades+AdRush and KS) you have and Expose adds a lot of damage, especially to Killing Spree. With Blades it's ok but I would use it before and not during the burst.

However pretty much every high rated rogue agrees that combat is not competitive and the worst spec for PvP.

Secondly you have the 8 second Kidney Shot and you don't benefit from the opener (like Sub does with Find Weakness) which means that using double Cheap Shot and blowing Vanish is not a good idea. You want to land the 8 second Kidney Shot and burst into it with one of your two bursts.

There is not much theorycrafting about combat PvP around.
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#3 Hyuru

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 11:42 AM

stop gimping yourself, play sub.
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#4 Killer_of_Trees

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 03:18 PM

Secondly you have the 8 second Kidney Shot and you don't benefit from the opener (like Sub does with Find Weakness) which means that using double Cheap Shot and blowing Vanish is not a good idea. You want to land the 8 second Kidney Shot and burst into it with one of your two bursts.

Thank you for your reply, last night i took the vanish and 2nd cheap shot out of the macro, im unsure how i would go about setting up the kidney without adding too much time on for the burst, as 8 sec kidney will require 5 points, then i will need at least 2 more points to get SnD up for the burst.

am i maybe relying on the macros too much? should i tone it down a notch and use one just to get expose armor, reveal and SnD going and do the rest manually?

i realize most people play sub but at the same time im the one paying the monthly fee so i'd like to play something i enjoy. i have seen combat rogues do fairly well, maybe not top of the ladder but i will never get that high either, id just like to not be the laughing stock of arena
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