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[Rogue] PvP power Affecting selfheals "like Second Wind and Recuperate" - Stat priority?

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Posted 19 April 2013 - 09:27 PM

Answer - (Systems Design Team):
In patch 5.3, all specs (even classes without healing specs) benefit from a PvP Power-to-healing conversion. This means that any heal should benefit from PvP Power; this includes percentage heals such as Second Wind and Recuperate. Previously things like Second Wind and Recuperate weren’t benefitting from PvP Power at all.

For Casters we will defintly Go for PvP power since even with the 5% int increase its not getting anywhere near it the increase for shields

but for Rogues its a huge loss since of Sinister Calling, will you gem Full Agility when 5.3 hits with these changes or PvP power, as caster do?
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