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[Mage] Too much PvP Power?

mage pvp power

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#1 tripl3tt

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Posted 19 April 2013 - 03:25 AM

First time posting on here, if this has been answered or is in the wrong place, my bad. I was wondering what was considered too much. I usually copy top players armory's but a lot of them are doing different things. I understand that there's different play styles and such. But, i'm mostly interested in RBGs. If anyone has suggestions about what i should be gemming instead of PvP Power, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Unbuffed my stats are:

PvP Power - 60.74% (16,096)
PvP Resil - 63.33% (7,458)
Spell Power - 19,025
Mastery - 34.53%
Haste 8.27%
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#2 joaq

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Posted 19 April 2013 - 07:17 AM

i've seen some calculations that after 14k pvp power INT becomes better damaging stat- you're 2k over that. you gemmed PVP power only?
you may be able to pull that off in an RBG setting with healers babysitting you- assuming your positioning is great.
do you play frost or fire?

if you're comfortable with your resi: red sockets pure INT, yellows int+ haste, blues INT+pvp power, BS socket INT. you also can ditch all socket bonuses that aren't INT and gem INT to those sockets too

enchants wrist, back INT. chest stats( or 200 resi ) , feet hands haste. shoulders int+haste. reforge to haste after 6% hitcap, recommended stat to reforge is mostly crit.
thats your offensive gearing strategy
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