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Need 3s Comp Recommendation/Advice

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#1 MrCer

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Posted 18 April 2013 - 04:03 AM

I'm going to jump right into it! I play MS Boomy OS Resto this season and I would really appreciate if someone could recommend a 3s comp to try out(for both resto and boomy).

I really enjoy resto arena. However there are a few things I really struggle with as a resto druid. First off, hands down Shattertree is my favorite comp to run as a resto druid. Not the most fun, but the easiest to win(assuming the spriest and fmage know how to run the comp).

There are a few things that I really struggle against as a Rdruid

1. Thugcleave
2. Hardswitches
3. Hunters
4. Melee hit me harder than casters do? And why can't I get away?

1. I need like an indepth guide on how to counter thugcleave with shattertree. I could write a bible-long page on how much I struggle against this comp. So long story short, I need an indepth guide on how to counter thugcleave, as well as other comps. Even a Link to a 2.2k+ 3s Arena guide of Shatterplayer of different comps, as long as it's indepth.

2. As a resto druid, I struggle against hardswitches. If they can't CC me, I can ironbark+Lifebloomswap+NS Healing Touch+StackHoTs. Normally that'll be enough, if they pop all their CDs, I pop mine. But the most difficult part is, a DPS throws me into a CC chain, pops CDs, then healer CCs me, then right before their burst is over(during the hardswitch), the 2nd DPS throws a CC on me. How do I predict hardswitches other than keeping all my hots on everyone and pray to god they can CC through the dmg with what little hots I have on them.

3. Hunters. Aside from a rogues 24/7 CC when they sit on a caster, hunters are my #1 issue. First off, Silencing Shot can't be fakecasted. You can't out run their pet so you're always vulnerable to their Intimidation/petability unless your team kills it or CCs it. Not to mention, the pet keeps you in combat, so I can't drink with the pet up. I have no idea how I can avoid scattertrap. I know what to do once I'm in a trap with shattertree, but I don't know how I can avoid it. With almost every class/spec, there's a way to avoid some sort of CC; not always but roughly majority of the time. When a Hunter Scattertraps, something always get in a CC. On top of their unavoidable-CC, is their burst. They release 5 Pets and you can't cc them with BW. And if you try to CC the Hunter, they pop Masters Call. Then they trinket your next CC. And with readiness, they can do it again...So basically, you can't CC the Hunter or his pets with his CDs up. So you can't CC them or their pets during their burst, you can't avoid their CC, it's just insane. I need help as a rdruid to counter hunters.

4. Warriors, DKs, Rogues, Hunters, Enhancement, Ferals, WW, and Ret. I could write a list of things that make me struggle against them. But the biggest thing is, I struggle to stop their ToT. If both my spriest and mage are trying to land a kill on the other DPS while CCing chainin the healer, the other DPS(god knows why) switches to me with CDs up; and can almost global me. The biggest issue is, my HoTs aren't bursty. Other than my 3min CDs and NS, I don't have burst heals. I throw hots on myself, ironbark+barkskin(withglyph), displacerbeast+speed increase, go bear and powershift. And they always seem to target me when their trinket is ready. I end up getting a cyclone off(sometimes), but they trinket it. And I could try cycloning 1-2 more times, but they somehow manage to get back to me even when I'm pillarhumping. Any Advice would be helpful.

god I haven't even gotten to boomkining yet... I don't have much experience as boomkin in arena, but I love playing boomkin in rbgs. Only two comps come to mind. Dancing with the Stars and LSD 2.0. I heard Dancing with the Stars is hard to play, but deadly once you get it down. LSD 2.0 is good but it's a outlast comp. I feel like the only time I can cyclone is defensively to peel. I feel like I can never cyclone offensive as a boomy with LSD 2.0.

#2 ardnut

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Posted 18 April 2013 - 09:32 AM

I don't really have a guide for you on godcomp.  The basics are you have all got CC all on different DR's so in theory you should be able to cc people for ever.  You really need to be able to coordinate that CC to be good.  Have the shadow priest call out when he has 3 orbs, the mage saves his deep for this occassion and you either Deep the healer and both burst hard or you CC the healer and deep a dps and burst hard.

Hunters are hard for everyone at the moment.  It's good and bad for you.  Your cloth users take a lot of dmg from them, but you have mass dispel for the traps.  You have to either stop the trap or make sure you can MD it.  Make sure your mage and spriest are CCing when you are CC'd and not trying to spam damage 24/7 like a mongoloid.  Call out that you are CC'd and that you need them to play defensive/stop the cc chain on you.  Have the mage nova the pets or the spriest fear them.  They are easily CC'd.  Keep spamming CC's into the hunter... he will use up all his CD's quickly and even if he does use a CD to get out of it you have stopped him using a global or two.  Just keep spamming poly/fear/clone on him and you stop some of his burst.  It's the little things that add up.

Shadow priests are a healers best friend.  They can lifegrip/lifeswap/Mass dispel/Heal/shield them out of trouble.  You should not be dying with a good shadow priest and mage peeling / helping you, unless you are doing something stupid.

Abuse Z axis maps with the use of wild mushrooms and wild charge.  Also typhoon the DPS off.  Also lifegrip can help you abuse z axis maps too.

The mage and shadow priest have to help you if you are getting targetted... Sometimes you can get away on your own sometimes you need peeling.  When you call for a peel they HAVE to help you... make them understand that.

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#3 MrCer

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Posted 18 April 2013 - 11:00 AM

Great post, ty.

#4 snugglebunny

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 02:17 AM

Mage boomkin healer is a  pretty good comp. I played it with a shaman to about 2180 this season. Killing healers in beams with a beam>deep>blanket CS usually works pretty well. Boomkins also synergize well with a paladin for HoJ, and having a priest might be better than a shaman for fear (hex shares DRs with sheep). I think Aff lock/Boomkin/Paladin is pretty good as well

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