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Rogue Class and Rating.

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 07:02 AM

Been playing on my slightly undergeared rogue. [email protected]
I have been trying to push rating so far this season as RMP, Thug, and RPS. I reached 2.2 mmr so far, but have been struggling to find the right partners to get a high rating. My question has to do with the rogue class, so far I feel as if during most games, I have very little influence on the outcome, which seems odd at first, but I truly feel right now that every comp relies on having a very good healer and hunter/mage/spriest. The rogue mainly just needs to know how to peel, not die, and stun/do damage when needed. I feel like I play a very minimal role in every game compared to the shadow/hunter/mage or healer. Not sure if I am just playing bad and don't realize it (likely), or am I correct in saying that the rogue class is very heavily carried by the classes it plays with, I feel like if you brought a gladiator rogue into a 2k RMP, not too much would change, but if you brought a galdiator Mage into the same RMP, there would be large changes. Any input would be appreciated.
I also realize it may just be from me being undergeared, my gameplay, or my partners gameplay.
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Posted 17 April 2013 - 08:35 AM

play rps or thug best 2 comps a rogue can play by far and rogues dont have as much influence on the game as you used to. 2 playstyles a rogue can do right now peel all game and line up 3 orbs with dance. Or rmp/thug get a kill in opener, thugcleave you can last longer than rmp though.

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