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Huge pace difference breaking point?

arena skill pace

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#1 Massai

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 04:56 PM

I would like to hear opinions on this topic. I have been just getting my points in arenas for a while now, and I play with people that like to just smash teams every week or even more often, never working on getting to a higher rating. Because of this, and partially because of skill level and commitment level, I have been languishing in the sewers of the arena rating spectrum for most of my WoW pvp career (1000-1450). I recently met a player who has experience at playing at higher levels, and he was willing to take me under his wing and show me how things are at 1700+ rating. At these ratings, things are happening SO fast. I find it shocking the huge difference in pace at these higher ratings. Now, it could be that im just old and slow (lol 29yo), or the fact that usually when i am playing i have had a few adult beverages and/or its just really late at night and I am tired. Any ideas/ shortcuts on reducing my learning curve? or is it just a practice makes non-fail situation? I apologize if this isnt a very clear post , as it is a concept i think i dont fully understand. Comments/ insults welcome :)
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#2 bouncyballs

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 05:14 PM

(Assuming you are a healer)
First and foremost, I am glad you are trying to get more in to the pvp scene.
Now, let's talk about ways that can help you succeed.
In order to help you learn the concepts of arena, you should go download Gladius. It will help you by showing when people have trinkets up and also it will show the diminishing returns on your CC abilities.
Now, after you have done that, you should make macros to target your party members. This will allow you to quickly move through your party more efficiently without having to move your mouse to the unit frames.
Now after that, you should try and get used to your new keybinds of targeting your teamates, it may take some time but in the long run it will help you.

After this, you should go to twitch.tv to the world of warcraft section, look for some good healers, in particular ones that have higher than 50 viewers and are not girls. Watch the way they play and try and immitate them when you play.

Last but not least, practice really is important. The more you play the better you will get; however, it is important to play with people that are just as good as you or better allowing yourself room to improve.

(Assuming you are a feral)
As I said above download some addons, such as Gladius to help yourself be more aware.
Make binds for insta cc on arena1-3.

Anyways I hope this helps a little bit, there is more information on the macros in the macro section of this website, you should scroll through it and see some macros that you might think will help you.

Anyways, I hope you have fun. Also, don't let people get you down, people are elitist pricks, I have known a lot of people that have gone from completely awful to really good in very little time just by changing their keybinds and playing with better people.
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#3 Reirei

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 06:11 PM

tl, dr; version: get good computer and internet, move to good pvp server, play a lot

you don't really have to have gladius, sarena+ diminishingreturns is as good

back to topic: speed on arena is affected by few factors, not only add-ons

just to name few:

reaction time - really depends on person even though you can train it a bit, it is also true that older people have but lower reaction time than let's say teenagers, also there are things like genius but normal human reaction time is enough to get glad

muscle memory - kind of affects reaction time, if you play your toon a lot and stay by about same keybinds eventually you will hit the key for spell you need automatically w/o thinking which key it is or looking for it on keyboard, that can be trained by really just practicing and playing your toon a lot.

knowledge - knowing classes allows you to predict what spell might be used next and what are effects of it, it allows you to react properly w/o spending too much time trying to analyse and figure out how to deal with it

experience - kind of in same cathegory as knowledge, the more you play the more you know how to deal with situation, eventually you won't need to think what to do if mage blocked or what to do if warrior popped swifty and stunned your partner, you will react in split second to the situation; it also allows you to predict ahead what other team will do for next few min so you can be prepared and react appropriate

tech. factors - anything that affects fps and latency, so internet speed, hardware etc. it might sound silly but this factor probably affects gameplay/reaction by at least 50% - if you play on toaster per dial up you will see shit on arena with delay and your actions will also be executed with delay which eventually leads to you never kicking hexes, not trinketing DF in time, life swapping your party member and he still will die somehow etc.

add-ons - as stated before, some add-ons do help a lot as they give you necessary information in form which is easier for you to process which leads to faster reaction as well

macros - smart macros can save you time, example:
variant 1: i could target arena enemy (1 key hit), then hit kick ( 1 key hit) = 2 key hits or
variant2: i could just use macro /kick arena2 (1 key hit)

variant 2 allows me to squeeze another key hit in the same time as i would need for variant 1

additionally i can only say from personal experience, that the harder your opponents are and the better your teammates are the better you get at game as well, that is the reason i play on BG9, i might not win every match vs reckful and co. but it is good experience, so if you are looking to get better at game you probably should move to good pvp server and try to find good teammates as well as duel glads all day

P.S. sry for bad english :P
P.S.S. lol i used to play on Tortheldrin, i thought the server died after all chinese people moved out xD
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shut up pvp guy

#4 Massai

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 06:28 PM

Very good pointers and I thank you for them. Some more information- I do have Gladius, actually i am using the Gex version, w/e that means. Also, although my profile is linked to my druid, I will be playing my hunter competively. I have been playing my hunter since shortly before Wrath, although i didnt start doing PvP until Cata. here is a link to my 2s team that we are playing just to get used to each other's play style and also because we haven't found a healer...LF disc priest to push rating on Tortheldrin-Emberstorm, running thug:)

http://us.battle.net...2v2/there i is/
edit: looks like my rogue is at least trying out a healer. didn't know lol
also, Tortheldrin is dead, has been for a long time, but i dont feel like ponying up the cash for a transfer, and I enjoy playing with the people that i have met.
second (or 3rd) edit: my computer is sufficient i think
Intel i7 3770k processor
16gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 560 video card
500gb HDD SATA - this is soon to become a SSD
i use Razer Naga mouse (the 2012 one) and a Razer Anansi keyboard
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