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Legendary Meta Question for pvp

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#1 oreoncream

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Posted 12 April 2013 - 10:45 PM

I was wondering if the legendary meta gem is worth using in pvp the actually pve one anyone have any knowledge on this.
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#2 Smygenv

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Posted 13 April 2013 - 01:43 AM

I read somewhere on EJ that our meta was shit because it keeps proc giving bad procs or something (without me even knowing what it do) just go to he paladin section on EJ and it will prob be more about it there ^^

quote from EJ

The short duration and spacey proc do seem, at first glance, to hinder it a bit compared to the Revitalizing. However, if we do assume it procs 1.4 times per minute (it's 1.4 RPPM, so possible with their new proc fixes to prevent long times without a proc) then it'll be equivalent to 5.6 seconds per minute. Assuming we cast 3 FoL in that time (possible with a HoPo spell mixed in), then that's 68040 mana saved that minute, or effectively 5670 Mp5. If it's 2 DL during that time then it's 43200 mana saved, or 3600 effectively Mp5.

If it's simply used on 2 HL though, it's 7560 mana saved, or 630 Mp5. A single DL would save 21600 mana for 1800 Mp5.

If it manages to proc even once a minute, it should be comparable to or even beat the Revitalizing in terms of mana savings (and the Int on it handily beats the crit bonus from Revitalizing). The issue is actually noticing the proc go up to make use of it via DL, FoL, or HR, but that can be done via an aura addon.

Can you test to see whether it procs on EF or SS ticks?

Also wasn't there a pvp meta with a shiton of Pvp Power and Resi comming out too? wont this be a sick gem with the changes comming up?

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