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Burst sequence

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Posted 21 April 2013 - 08:26 PM

first of all i'm only going to give you mine because i'm not qualified enough to comment on rogues specced into shadow focus, etc.

If you are running with subterfuge, you might have noticed yet that sometime your bars glitches, heres how i do, these 2 rotation dosent include shadow blade, i only use then on some1 with no trinket, you also need to be all reforged mastery, since my rotation is all about evcicerate and 2 cb point cheap shots, i'm also running with marked for death wich is 1 more gdc on the evicerate it give me in the dance

Everything is timed perfectly so the target is always stun if you dont lose any time with gcds. When to dance? when you have your trinket proc active is a good moment, that or off the opener and when you're target is in a bad spot, overextended etc. (your trinket will always proc off the opener). This is all about my playstyle, sometime it changes when i have to garrote for Drs etc.

A). In stealth(opener, after a re, on vanish that you can allow the target to move freely a bit) : premeditation for 2 cb slice and dice
1 Garrote the target ( your subterfuge will proc, this is only to give you the dammage buff from sang. veins without costing you cb. points)
2 Cheap shot the target (at 0 sec left of your subterfuge buff, then you spam your dance, your bar wont glitch because by the time the gcd from cheap shot ends subterfuge will be gone)
4. Rest is brainless rotation, ambush>evicerate>markedfor death evicerate>cheap shot> amush> evicerate (4-5 cb point dosent matter if hes low)

B when you're in the middle of a fight, assuming you have a slice and dice running and no rupture on the target
1 Cheap shot into a 2cb points rupture
2 marked for death evic
3 Ambush (4cb point, bind your premeditation on ambush and garrote, on cheap shot if you want a 4cb point rupture)
4 evicerate ( you might get lucky and have 5 cb points)
5cheap shot >ambush> evic

i know my handwriting suck, just tring to help, have fun!

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