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Healer Positioning Versus Hunters

healer hunter trap scatter positioning guide disc priest

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#1 Lytning

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 08:08 PM

I need advice for facing enemy hunters as a disc priest. I feel most hunter comps can put out insane pressure every time I'm in a scatter->trap.

As a disc priest, every now and then I can successfully death a scatter and avoid hunter CC for the next 25 seconds or whatever, but this isn't that common so a majority of the time I end up sitting 8 seconds of CC every 25 seconds from the hunter traps alone. While I am working on deathing more traps, and commonly immune the silence shot out of traps with Inner Focus, I need advice on where to stand/position myself against hunter teams so that way my partners can eat more traps.

Should I stand on my ranged dps so they can eat traps? This leaves me more exposed to other cc (standing near enemy melee so i have to juke kicks, getting cc'd by enemy healer, etc), but can help my partners eat traps. Also, my partners clearly move around just for their own amusement and when I'm casting and they move a few yards away, I can get scattered and generally they'll fail to get back to me in time to eat the trap. Also, if my hunter/mage or whatever I'm playing with needs to move in to swap or cc, it would be difficult for me to cast and keep them up while staying on them to avoid traps.

If I stand on my melee dps, and in some cases I could be playing with two melee, then they're constantly moving while their target kites them back, and casting becomes much more dangerous due to getting left behind.

I know this seems like a ridiculously basic question, but no matter who I play with and where I stand, my dps rarely eat traps and I felt it better to check and see if there's anything else I could do rather than blame them, even if I'm feet away from them and they don't move onto me, or they move away from me when I'm clearly about to get trapped.

I just feel like I get trapped way too much and it puts my team far behind, and I don't know if maybe I should try sitting back to make the enemy hunter push in for traps, or if I should keep trying to stand on my unaware dps...

Thanks in advance.
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#2 salice

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 08:46 PM

Best way is to constantly move around that positions you to LoS the hunter while able to get heals off on your teammates. So this requires swapping sides of pillars alot. Another one is to spectral when you know CC is incoming so it drops you off their focus and it can delay them slightly. Another strategy is to use psyfiend and place it where it can fear the enemies but also not too far away so you can get right on top of it; it'll be like a player is standing on top of you. When the psyfiend is ending I'll use my mindbender and I'll move it on top of me if scatter occurs and best wishes for it to get the trap for you.
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