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Curse/AJ Account Merge Difficulty

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#1 Selllious

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 07:17 PM

First, I apologize if this is the wrong thread for this problem.
I also am posting this after going through every profile option/setting without success.

After a period of not playing WoW/using AJ, I have come back to both the game and the site. With the new partnership with Curse, I was asked to create an account, and then merge that with my AJ account.

Unfortunately, I was unable to remember my old account's information, and could not merge them.

My old account name is Sellious, and the same character has been verified on this account (the one I am creating this post with).

Would it be possible for a staff member to merge these two accounts for me, or provide information on whether or not it is possible to fix this problem?

Thanks. :)
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#2 AJOld

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 05:03 PM

This would require someone from Curse to look into this and there would be quite a wait time for this to happen.

I would suggest adding the character to a new account (as it seems you have) in the mean time.

Thanks and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
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