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Sl lock and Frost Mage in 2v2

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#1 ShadowStriker

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Posted 20 August 2007 - 04:23 PM

So yesterday I formed a team with my friend who is an sl lock with me as a frost mage. We've been 2v2ing rather well except against certain setups that have a druid, rogue, maybe sl lock. We managed to get our rating up to ~2000 but yeah we kept on losing to a druid/warrior team as well an sl lock/healing priest team. Well, we might have been able to beat the sl lock healing priest team but he sl lock kept switching to resist gear which is pretty gay but yeah. Give us some advice on what to do against teams with druids and the ever popular sl lock/healing priest team.
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#2 Forensic

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Posted 20 August 2007 - 06:13 PM

For a druid warrior team, you can't sheep the druid of course. and since you two are SL and Frost, you won't outdps the hots/heals to kill the warrior. Best bet is to sheep warrior. They don't have a dispeller. I would suggest going affliction. Your warlock will have to be more skilled, but for this match it would work better. Is he a hybrid SL spec or full SL? If you have CoEX keep it up on the druid even though he can decurse. If you are soul link you probably aren't going to outdps his hots and heals. If the CC on the warrior is spot on, you can probably cause the druid to go OOM and kill him while warrior is helpless. I've never tried to burst down a resto druid with a frost mage / SL lock, so I'm not sure if you can burst him down instead of making him go OOM or not. But the focus has to be on the druid, while Warrior stays CC. And I suggest affliction. With all the dots and no LOS for drain mana/life, healers will go OOM quicker and also have to heal more. Having just a corruption up on the druid and trying to cast spells won't do the trick.

For the SL Lock / Priest team. Depends if they are using a felguard or a felhunter. If it is a felguard, then I would sheep the priest, take the time to banish the pet, and kill the lock. They don't have a ton of dps, and they are nothing without their pet or healer. Easy to kill. I would always use a felhunter too to make sure your mage doesn't get feared and can't keep the priest sheeped. I haven't played much as a SL lock in arenas except for some 5v5, so this is all theory. If they are using a felhunter for a pet, then it will be tough uphill battle. you can't really sheep the priest because the warlock will probably use devour magic to take it off of him. However if the priest and warlock get far away from each other, I would try to sheep the priest.
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