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MLS Mage Lock Shaman RPS Swaps Subterfuge

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 11:24 AM


I'm looking for any ideas on a strat to beat RPS as MLS.

I'm a nearly full honor geared Shaman and we found that below 2k comps didn't realise I had bad gear so we won with ease.

At 2150+ however they see my gear and the following tends to happen:

Depending on map choice (e.g. Dalaran) come out of tunnel, Lock can't get gateway or he'll get sapped in bad spot with no portal, so we push to the far boxes.

I start with ES + Riptide on me, Lock gets sapped Mage casts RoF from invis around me when they open. Sometimes this peels very well but it usually doesn't matter as they just slowly train me or the lock after this point until they have orbs then just switch dance on me, fear lock full kidney/cheap into silence and usually the rogue vanishes for this to gain subterfuge so he's pretty much unpeelable.

The Mage & Lock aim Rogue and deep him and managed to get him to 5% & force cloak in nearly all 5 games but after that its just a matter of time til 2nd dance when BM trinket, trinket, stoneform & healthstone are all on CD. My gear just means that I'm using way more CDs than I should be.

Any ideas?

TL:DR MLS vs RPS swaps how do we counter them?
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