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WW Monk ideas 5.2+

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 07:36 AM

Some ideas for monks in pvp.

-Glyph of disable: disable no longer automatically refreshes but its range is increased by 5+ yards. (monk hit boxes still seem bugged and its very easy to 5-20 deadzone kite a monk if a click to move macro/script isn't used when rolling) would be nice if it generated 1 chi aswell but not needed.

-Glyph of paralysis: paralysis always counts as landing from behind buts its cooldown is increased by 15-30seconds and/or is dispellable again. (a ranged gouge is nice but it's lacking as a main cc and it ruins dr's for real ccs)

-gives monks access to defensive/tank stance like wars/dks/ferals, when plate classes get access to their tank stance but leather monks can't it makes no sense. since the 5.2 healing nerfs training monks is even easier..

-decrease energy regeneration but increase damage of blackout kick. (monks don't benefit from pooling resources as much as other classes, and in arena with the amount of kiting + cc we are almost always gcd capped, monks need on-demand controlled burst)

-make crackling jade lighting usable while moving as an energy dump while being kited.

-fix chi wave somehow

a few of these would be nice.

edit: i would trade a reduce ring of peace duration in half for some of these changes.

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