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5.2 Shadow Talents

Shadow Talent 5.2 Priest

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#1 Moridinn

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Posted 12 March 2013 - 09:00 PM

Hi everyone,

I'd like to hear everyones thoughts about our talent tiers for Shadow in 5.2. What are you planning to take? Which tiers are situational (i.e. you are planning to swap in starting room based on comp), which are standard (i.e. you rarely if ever swap)?

My thoughts:

Tier 1: Situational, own and enemy comp dependent. Will probably be going Void Tendrils most of the time if Shamans and Paladins are still the most prominent healers. Most people seem to have figured out how easy it is to kill/interrupt Psyfiend so it's only really useful vs. a few comps, mainly wizards. Might try Dominate Mind more even.

Tier 2: Will probably go with Phantasm still against most comps that might sit on me, but it's more even now, and B&S is interesting vs. non-Shaman teams for getting fears on healers + support for your own healer.

Tier 3: I hear a lot of people talking about Insanity but I feel like FDCL is still too good to pass up. The instant procs are great for healer swaps, and with Insanity you only really get to get 1-1,5 +100% Flay off after DP - assuming you are able to cast without being interrupted. That extra damage is like one FDCL Mind Spike? This is one I'd like to hear arguments for from those who are using Insanity.

Tier 4: I've usually gone Spectral Guise, but I see a lot of people sitting on Angelic Bulwark as default. To me this is a playstyle choice, but rarely a very situational one - either you like the one or the other, and you'll like that in nearly all situations.

Tier 5: I will likely go for DI still. Three Orb DP swaps is where we're most dangerous and often get our kills / force CDs, and the advantage of instant + free MB and the extra orb is just too good to pass up, especially if you're against a melee who will train you often. PI is good, but DI is better IMO.

Tier 6: I've been going Halo all of last season, but in all honesty now that it doesn't break stealth I feel all the choices are pretty crappy. I probably prefer Halo still, though - timed/positioned well it can be a lot of instant damage, and Divine Star is just too random with its small aoe.

What are you taking, when and why?

Discuss :)

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#2 alleaya

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Posted 12 March 2013 - 09:17 PM

I feel insanity is best for dot comps where as FDCL is best for more swap comps, just my opinion ofc and last tier there all shit imo :D but divine star is a great heal especially when locked out of shadow
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#3 Tist

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Posted 12 March 2013 - 10:19 PM

FDCL was stealth nerfed to 5% iirc

Mindbender is an underrated cooldown, does a lot of damage.

Bulwark being undispellable makes it even stronger this season.

Divine Star is still my go-to for tier 6 as it's a very nice heal on a 15 sec cd for low mana.
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