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[DK] How to play unholy?

DK Death knight unholy

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 10:48 AM

Hi, I'm new to death knight and I've really been enjoying unholy, but I'm confused about how best to play it.

-Single target vs AoE
I know unholy is good at spread pressure, but what's the best way to do that while still doing good single-target damage? Is it best to just use a pestilence when things are grouped up, then continue on your target? Is blood boil worth using at all? DnD?

-Pet Management
I read in the DK Q&A thread that its useful to have a macro to toggle Claw's autocast, so it doesn't delay your Gnaw. Do you just turn it off a second or two before you want to Gnaw, then turn it back on? Also, would it be worth turning it off shortly before Dark Transformation, so as soon as it's enraged it can dump all its energy into improved Claws?

Also, with the glyph that refunds runic power when death coil is used to heal your pet, what situations is it better to heal with death coil instead of damaging? Should all Sudden Doom procs be used to heal for the free runic power? Say I'm sitting in a nova, but my pet is on the target, would it be better to pump death coils into the target for damage, or into the pet for a cheaper enrage but no death coil damage?

-Rune/RP management
Is there a certain amount runic power/ runes that you should always have to be able to use clutch abilities? For example, when IBF is off cooldown, should you keep your runic power above 20 in case you get stunned? Also, does the 4piece PvP set bonus work while stunned? If a rogue opens with a cheap shot and crippling poison procs, will I generate the runic power while stunned?

Also, what is the best use of Blood Tap? Is it best to use it on a necrotic strike or two after a festering strike or something?

It seems like a lot of DK cooldowns can be used either offensively or defensively (using lichborne to break a fear vs using it to self-heal). Which ones should be used offensively and which ones defensively? Is it best to always save lichborne to heal, And AMS and IBF to prevent damage? Or with AMS' short cooldown should it also be used to avoid novas/ring of frost? Basically how do you know when to use a cooldown offensively and when to save it for defensive use?

Sorry for so many questions, very new to DK. Thanks!
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