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Fmage/Dlock looking for tips/pointers

mage warlock 2v2

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#1 Worgenfreeman

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 07:31 PM


I'd be thankful for any tips for playing Frost Mage/Destruction Warlock in 2v2 obviously. We're having hard times against healer teams usually (especially druid teams), but also against selfheal temas (shadowpriest ret for example).

The main problem i think is that we have many tools for cc and burst but we don't use them properly. Is there any particular chain cc/burst model we should aim for? (like offensive deepfreeze and deathcoil and something more?). We also have problems when one of dps is locking down one of us, making impossible for us to burst a healer team. Any propositions for handling that? Should we always make sure that we're popping our best cds at same time? Cause i feel like it's random sometimes, mainly because one person pops cds and other has garrote for example and can't cast.

Thanks in advance
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