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Spriest/Warr/Sham vs TSG

spriest warrior shamman tsg kfc

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#1 ssnake231

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 10:49 AM


The situation is quite simple, we have been working well together playing against KFC, and ShadowCleave, but last night we faced this Melee Team which is Warrior, Unholy DK and a Druid.

They basically do the same thing over and over again and yet we cant find a way to get our healer out of it. They just charged in our shaman immediately and burst everything on our shaman while the druid just takes turn cyclone me and my warrior partner off one by one.

We tried double root (sham totem and spriest root ), but they just save their stun and grip for when they get rooted, warrior just safeguard out of it and continue to train our shaman. We even takes turn to use defensive cooldown and i was force to shield and heal our shaman while the warrior have to rally , disarm, slow, thunderclap, flag, to try out best to reduce the dmg from these 2 melees. But the pressure remains strong and we just found out we have been doing nothing but trying to defend our shaman.

We did survived and won those KFC matches against very decent team 2k+ with similar pressure but i am not sure what else should we do for these Melee team.

We are all using Tier1 while the melee team is using all Tier2, the KFC teams we won were also using Tier 2 but we found them easier to handle than these melee....

Any advice or link you can help us to improve out situation.

Thank you very much in advance
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#2 ardnut

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 11:38 AM

Try life gripping the shaman and have him drop his grounding totem straight after the grip so he can't be death gripped back. Use fears on cooldown on the resto druid to get some counter pressure going. Have your warrior sit on their warrior and he should be your kill target. Have your warrior use warbringer, shockwave and then disarm when their warrior pops cooldowns. Constantly keep both of the melee slowed.

Life grip is 40 yard range and death grip is 30 yard range... make sure you use it at max range and try to be close to something for the shaman to line of sight. Don't forget to lifeswap him either. When all their cooldowns are gone and you get topped then you have the upper hand. The druid won't be able to keep up his melee once tree of life has gone. Don't be scared to pop your DMG cooldowns just cuz they popped theirs... counter pressure them if your healer is safe.
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