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Lock/spriest/rsham vs. KFC

lock shadow priest kfc

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 08:30 AM

Our lock runs demo because that is what he plays best. I (shadow priest) get tunneled every single game and they win. Feels like that's all there is to it. The paladin hangs way back so it's hard to fear or silence and he doesn't even really contribute much to the cc chain at all except occasionally to repent our shaman. We tremor the fear (I even ward the shaman so there's no interruption with fear), I lifegrip, eat, or mass dispel trap, we don't overlap our defensives, and I do my best to juke the war as much as I can and get off as much as possible during pet stuns or coils or hexes on the war.

It just ends up they pressure us far more than we do them and I go oom from being so defensive and not being able to keep VTs rolling. Typically we only get one burst on the hunter in fear on pally, we force deterrence and then by that time I am out of defensives and they kill me before I can even get the orbs for another burst on the hunter.

The few we've beaten have been us on the hunter, though...It doesn't seem like there's any other option, although I suppose if my lock could get a good burst on the war I could use my orbs on a disarm so he can't shield wall and I can't contribute to the damage much anyways with the war all over me.

I typically end up running void tendrils for this since psyfiend will just fear the war and give him a free charge on me and roots can be used on the pets and war. I try to juke the war and usually do, but it just seems they always have another stun for me when I can finally get a cast off.
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