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[3vs3] setupopinions? what should we run? 5.2

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#1 Ditox

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 10:18 PM

Sup folks, here is the thing, we need some 1 + 2 = 3 theories.

We are three players: A, B, and C. We were inactive for different time periods.

[A] was playing lock in the seasons of S7-S10. Inactive since then (carried)
[B] was playing restoshaman in season S9/S10. Inactive since then (carried)
[C] was playing Hunter/Warrior/DK/Holypally in S10. Sometimes inactive, somteimes not.

We want to start in 5.2 again, trying to have some fun and are looking for some valuable setups which we can play, because we have the classes.

[A] is having a: :warlock: (2.5 max) :rogue: (1.7 max) :mage: (1.8 max)
[B] is having a: :shaman: (2.3 max) :paladin: (2.1 max) <- Healer
[C] is having a: :warrior: (1.7 max) :hunter: (1.7 max) :deathknight: (1.6 max) :druid: (1.8 max) :shaman: (1.6 max) :rogue: (0)

We won't be playing that much and active (10-20 games a week), so we won't be able to handle do some superubertactics. We want to reach like 1800-2000.

My theories are:

:warlock: :paladin: :warrior:

Warlock is jumping and fearing around and spreading dotaids, while the warrior just slams his face on his keyboard with freedom to execute something with powerfull holypala heals from behind. Pally is also a super class to outplay some brutal meleecleaves, could be having problems against castercleaves. Warrior can also peel good in some situations.

:warlock: :deathknight:(frost) ( :shaman: / :paladin: )

Very long games with double dot-aidsspreading, switching to the healer when everything is dotted. But hard times for our healer, when we meet some DK/WARRIOR teams. Peeling won't be easy I guess. DK also requires more skill than Warrior (on those aimed ratings), I guess.
UnholyDK won't be possible, cause of lacking experience.

:warlock: :rogue: :shaman:
RLS, what to say? playing rogue requires a lot of skill, dunno if he can handle that.

- Higher rating = more fun = more ePenis = more respect = more girls :confused:
- Arena changed in the past seasons -> we don't know exactly what is going on right now..
- Lack of experience, knowing the tricks in theory, but aren't able to execute it

Needed: The easiest facerollsetup with the highest benefit :wub:

It would be cool, if you could share your opinion with me, of course /like, if you can give some ideological appointments!

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#2 ardnut

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 09:59 AM

I think your strongest comps will be DK or rogue/Lock/Shaman or pala. Warriors are getting the nerfbat and apparently DK and Rogue's are getting buffed a lot. Nadagast has posted saying affliction locks might not be that good... but a lot of other have said they are going to be strong... Usually I would take anything Nadagast says as Gospel for locks... but so many other saying they are going to be good... who knows what to believe.

I think a warrior could work with your setup too... but think the other 2 would be stronger.
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