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[A] Outland - ret paladin lf serious arenas and rbgs

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#1 Crusaderbg

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 09:41 AM

About me:
Retribution paladin, recently transferred to Outland looking for serious players for arena and rated battlegrounds. On the server I previously played
there were only a handfull of good people on alliance side, but I still managed to be in the top ranks of the server. I am aiming for that on Outland too.
I am 27 years old, have been gaming since I was 11-12, on a number of games I have played on tournament level and I have won a couple local ones too. I understand my class
and don't play it like a warrior, but as the support class with good offensive capabilities it is. In my opinion the buffs to rets next patch will make them the best support
class, killing the healer will be very hard if the ret is not cc-ed too. That's why I think retribution paladin will be desirable again, both is 2s with a healer and in 3s.
Since I like raiding too, and want to do a bit of that as well, I cannot join a pvp guild for rated battlegrounds, but nevertheless looking for a team that plays weekly. I have
skype, ts3 and vent installed of course, I am quite vocal and can take the position of raid leader and/or target caller. I rarely miss an event, so we can quickly build up our
teamwork and start improving our communication. For more info about me you can contact me ingame, or leave a reply here.

About you:
For arena I am looking for players that can play for two, or 2+ hours for five, 5+ days every week. Or have very high rating, though I think top players on the server wouldn't
want to play with guy that has not proven himself yet. So basically I am expecting good players with ambition (and time) to grow. I am open to trying all kinds of combinations,
unless weird (3dps, 2 healers and so on is a no). 18+ is a must, players without good gear have no dedication in my eyes. Looking for players that can keep a positive attitude
when losing and try to learn from it, instead of just blaming blizzard, class balance or raging - if we are going to spend a lot of time playing and talking together, lets make
it a fun experience, games are for fun after all.
For rated battlegrounds I am looking for a steady, regular teams that play for rating. I can join a pvp guild on my rogue alt, but I want to be able to come to rbg events with
my paladin too. I also have a frost mage on a different server, doing rbgs with it too. I prefer teams that have steady roster so that we can improve our teamwork over time. In 5.2
rets will be able to remove magic effects on healers, making them again desirable in rated bgs. Ideally, I would like a group that doesn't have rbgs during Thursday, Sunday and Monday,
after 19.00 game time since this is usually the time I am raiding. Otherwise, you can count on me coming 99% of the time.

That's it pretty much, you can leave a reply here or contact me ingame if you want, my character name is Crusadèr.
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#2 Jorca

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 09:26 AM

If only you had been in sylvanas :(. Since my friend quit i cant find a partner to and i dobt ask a high rating or something because i only got 1740 with this char while not having much 3s experience myself. Im thinking of transfer to stormscale.
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