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Why should "better" players acquire pvp gear more rapidly than other players ?

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#1 Starbuck_

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 04:30 PM

I think through various means of exploitation both obvious and under the radar this entire idea/rpg philosophy that blizzard implements of gearing up hurts pvp.

If you look at moba games, what defines a player and who they get matched up after (x)t is their skill.

High ELO players in league of legends don't get extra runes, or access to more powerful items in game.

I would like PVP to be about 4-10 people stepping into an arena, and the more skillful team stepping out as the victor, not the team who just happens to have a gear advantage.

Let there be an equal pvp gear distribution per week for people who participate in arena. Increase the number of required games to be played to unlock the following weeks gear.

I can't see how this would do anything but improve the game overall.

What do you think ?
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#2 Synkz

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 08:45 PM

100% agree.
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#3 Zaephyr

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 09:47 PM

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