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Warrior looking for help deciding on what to reroll in 5.2

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 05:04 PM

Long time reader first time poster here..Any help would be appreciated, I have been maining a warrior since about season 6..Have had multiple tier 2 seasons, but as of reading the 5.2 warrior patch note's I have pretty much decided I am not going to ride out the storm like I did in season 11. So I would like some help from the community if possible on what class to call my Horde toon next patch.

I have a hunter I plan on making my main as I like to have one horde and one alliance on my server at level cap..And I am already fairly experienced on my hunter since I have been playing her on and off since Lich king, but for my horde character I had at first on recommendation from a guild mate leveled a shadow priest, I was actually really enjoying their play style, until I read about in 5.2 DP will deal less upfront damage, Mind spike glyph will be worthless, Dispersion can be kicked (with the amount of casting they have to do this seemed like a biggie), offheals getting toned down.. and also Fade no longer giving ranged immunity, I fell out with them..

So recently I decided after hearing how they were "Flying below the Radar" I decided to try my luck at a boomkin, and so far I am really enjoying their playstyle how they have alot of offheals and utility and are much bulkier than previous season..the idea of dotting everything and waiting on a starsurge is actually somewhat satisfying and turning into a God every 3 minutes doesn't hurt either...but after reading about the displacer beast nerf, Nature's Vigil tone down, and typhoon cooldown increase.. I am having more second thoughts.. Please community of AJ help me decide on a main! I am also open to other suggestions as I have a shaman, warlock, and rogue too.

TL;DR: Having trouble picking a toon 5.2 note's discouraging me from boomkin/shadow priest reroll.
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