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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:15 AM

So i'm sick of the swifty warrior playstyle. I normally run with bloodbath for the shorter CD, for more constant damage, or stormbolt for an even shorter CD CC. However, I'm starting to realize i can't resurrect the wrath playstyle warriors had. I love the peels and mobility they offer (mainly just intervene/safeguard) and i love their damage they do, but i'd much rather play a class that has more intense stance dancing (mage armor, DK precenses, ect) and can do a lot more consistent damage with short CDs that allows for quick swaps. I heard a mage might be my playstyle, and ive always wanted to play a rogue (excpet now theyre fotm so that sucks.) but can any of you guys shed some light on a playstyle i might like? and i almost always am melee...

By the way, im looking forward to 5.2 with the changes they're making to warriors. (if they fix our rage and stance issues that everybodys crying about.) also if you guys could post on how to play a warrior more effictively while still trying to use bloodbath and stormbolt and even doubletime (but i normally dont use this anymore. its like a terrible attempt at charge/intercept.)
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