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Hpal/hunter/ww monk viability

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 08:33 PM

Hello AJ, this is my first forum post here so be gentle. Some friends and I are looking to use an actual viable comp for a change. We are trying for serious 3s but we know our time restraints may limit us to moderate rankings but no where near top end. We dont have permanent access to a warrior unless I run mine and my teamates won't heal or are scared of healing. The comp we are looking at for 5.2 is holy pally/bm hunter/ww monk. The monk has spent quite a bit of time on the ptr and is sure that some of his buffs will not make live and my paladin is newly leveled so I have some gearing. My main question is are there any glaring flaws in this comp that we are missing and if it is the healing class what if anything else would the AJ folks recomend.

Thanks for the read and any constructive replies.

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