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God comp with a resto druid still viable in 5.2?

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#1 vackk

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 06:03 PM

I heard some people saying that it won't work because of the healing nerf, and resto druid hots are going to be pretty bad with that 30% healing nerf. What do you guys think?
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#2 Snuggli

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 07:39 PM

The 30% nerf is already live. Godcomp isn't as dominant as it was early-season. (Spriest offhealing nerf, Rdruid healing nerf, Frost bomb nerfs).

It depends what changes go live next season, as they are playing around a lot with Spriest, Mage and Druid but as on 16/01 it looks pretty strong. Spriest offheals got nerfed about 10%, Druids healing got buffed by 10%, Mage lose blanket CS and Devouring Plague has been changed to spread-damage DoT. It will still be extremely possible to destroy healers in a Ring > Deep > Silence > Disarm with the damage both classes put out.

The cyclone DR change hurts Godcomp, but the duration and range change buffs Godcomp. Both together don't really affect too much (Most godcomp kills are scored with double CC on DPS and a nuke on healer -- 8s Cyclone helps this as DPS arent usually on Poly DR).

The increase of Rogues next patch will hurt Rdruids. The Monk changes look like they'll be pretty bad as they do a lot of constant damage which will OOM Rdruids. Their RoP will obviously be painful for everyone, although Druids can still displace while silenced afaik, so it wont be too bad.

We'll see. My bets are it will still be 2.4k+ viable, although R1 spots may be "reserved" for RPS and Monk teams.
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