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I'm not crazy right?

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#1 Wounded

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 11:26 PM

Just lost a match with about 1 minute remaining til time playing 2s with an undergeared warrior buddy of mine for cap (http://us.battle.net...vision/advanced). We queued into a t2 feral and t1 holy pally. My war died with like 2 minutes left til time expired so I decided to try to bring the match to a draw, but I was oom. I had used my last water in a previous game and had plenty of chances of drink during the match, but like a scrub I couldn't drink.

So i lasted til just under a minute before I didnt have anything left at all. After the game I got this wall of text from the druid (http://us.battle.net...tially/advanced):

[17:55:23] [W From] [Badmonklol]: lol you fucking loser
[17:55:31] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: how the fuck do you lose to any comp as monk war
[17:55:36] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: what?
[17:55:38] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: heal with no mana teleport/roll with no mana
[17:55:47] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: lol feral/hpally is faceroll
[17:55:51] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: you fucking scrub how are you 1750 as monk/war
[17:55:52] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: how
[17:56:02] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: t2 feral.. lol he was so shitty
[17:56:04] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: lol MONK SHIELD EVERY 1 MIN NERFS EVERYTHING
[17:56:09] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: 2 min
[17:56:13] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: weird cause he beat you
[17:56:18] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: barely
[17:56:18] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: delete your monk
[17:56:21] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: drown yourself
[17:56:26] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: youre absolute shit
[17:56:35] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: roll OP and still lose
[17:56:41] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: fucking GARBAGE
[17:56:47] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: all youre doing is proving you have no idea what youre talking about
[17:56:49] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: go suck your dads dick again
[17:57:04] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: fucking loser lol have fun in the 1700s as a GOD COMP
[17:57:09] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: QUIT LIFE PUSSY
[17:57:09] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: lol
[17:57:14] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: this is the pally right?
[17:57:20] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: nope
[17:57:38] [W To] [1:Badmonklol]: again, youre just proving you have no idea what youre even talking about
[17:57:48] [W From] [1:Badmonklol]: drink my balls fatty

I mean the game would have easily gone to time had I not been out of water. I'm not trying to deny that a monk can't survive a feral all day, it's pretty easy with mana. I was under the assumption that Feral/Hpally is pretty much god mode 2s, am I wrong about that?

While I am curious how you guys feel MW Monk/War should stack up against Feral/Hpally, I'm mostly posting this because it's pretty funny how fucking stupid some people are. You win a game and then you come nerd rage.

Edited by Wounded, 09 January 2013 - 11:35 PM.

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#2 Zerud

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 11:48 PM

Moral of the story, some people take this game very seriously, so you can always get some good laughs <3

Here's a picture my buddy took when we played double healer moonkin in s11, both healers died around 45 mins and our moonkin stalled for 2 more minutes.

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#3 Wounded

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 12:48 AM

lol just queued into them again while playing spriest/rdruid. It went to time. I almost killed them a ton, but could never finish with clones, bubbles, LoS. Waiting for new rage messages.
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#4 Draakex

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 06:00 AM

yeah 2s...
i get that 47min games and rages alot when playing sp/hpal - especially against shaman/warr, as we practically can't beat them, if they're not retarded...

is anyone even playing serious in that bracket and not only for capping?
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