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Pet ability Macro

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 12:40 AM

#showtooltip Lullaby
/cast [@focus, modifier:ctrl][harm] Lullaby
/cast [@mouseover, modifier:alt][harm] Lullaby

I have this for my crane right now, and it works perfectly, I was wondering if someone more suave can help me add to it though.

I want it to change depending on the pet I have active at that moment.

Meaning, If I have a shale spider out I want it to change to Web Wrap

If the pet is a Dragonhawk then I want it to change Fire Breath


Any help Would be appreciated, thanks!

Edit: /click [@focus, modifier:ctrl][harm] PetActionButton6 I now tried this, but the modifier doesnt work now =(, but If I replace /click with /cast and PetActionButton6 with the actual spell it works fine.

Edit #2: Nice people of MMO champ were able to help me out here is the macro I wanted.

/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl][@mouseover,mod:alt][harm] Lullaby
/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl][@mouseover,mod:alt][harm] Fire Breath
/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl][@mouseover,mod:alt][harm] Web Wrap
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