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Rogue in 3's - viable comp ?

rogue 3v3

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Posted 06 January 2013 - 01:48 AM


Last night, we tried some 3's with friends, but it did not went well. I am a rogue, and my teammates were frost DK and holy pally. The DK got killed in like 2 seconds and we couldnt do anything about it (mostly against spellcleaves).

So my questions:
- Is this comp even viable?
- If not, I can also play with a shadow priest and (maybe) with a fire mage. Of those 3 ppl, who is the best?
- If yes, where could be a fault? We almost always do a strong opener, with smoke bomb and all CDs. Hpally is also sometimes helping us with quick holy prism - holy shock - dennounce.

We usually CC a healer and try to kill one of the most dangerous dd's (like warrior, shadowpriest, mage, or hunter). As for the healer, I start with sap, then blind, and hpally HoJ + blinding light. Our DK also does his remorseless thing when there are at least 2 ppl stacked.

We have especially high problems against any team where is hpally. He usually bubbles, comes to smokebomb and HoPs our focused target. When we try to postpone our cooldowns, we get gibbed.

We don't have any great gear, I've got like 60% resilience and 35% pvp power. Hpally has something similiar resil, pvp power lower though. And DK is somewhat undergeared, few 450 crafted pieces, but mostly honor. He has like 50% resilience and 15% power, but he's usually the one who bursts it down the most. But I think we can do better than 1200 MMR.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: Damn, I accidentally posted it in the wrong section :confused: It should have been in "comps" instead of general questions....

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