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WLD-Problems with Meleecleaves

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 10:18 PM

Hey guys,
I recently started playing 3s again and I play with a restodruid and an armswarrior.
You can see our arsenallinks here:

(Me, Warlock) http://eu.battle.net...Lioxle/advanced
(Restodruid) http://eu.battle.net...oodsdogg/simple
(Armswarrior) http://eu.battle.net...k/Theshe/simple

There might still be mistakes in terms of teamplay and so on but I am sure that we all know our classes and are able to play them at least somehow decent.

So yesterday we queued again for about 2 hours and ran into the following comps:


We actually met mostly Warrior/Feral/Healer but the problems presented are the following:

Strat 1: Go all out offensively
This is an all in in short. Blow your cds, controll the healer as desperately as you can use and use everything in the first minute of the game to kill something or make them go deffensive.

Strat 2: Try to avoid damage as much as you can
Basically I was hiding along with my druid at pillars with our warrior out there and trying to deal mulittarget pressure and using my deffensive cooldowns to get cc on the healer

Strat 3: Counterpressure with cc on one of the melees and cc healer if the chance occurs to score a kill

This basically describes what we tried to beat mainly Warrior/Feral/Healer, the other comps were close but not a big problem except my druid gets charged and nearly oneshotted with me being not fast enough to deathcoil the warrior of his back.

I think my current role as the warlock of the team is this:
- Spreading dmg as much as I can and assisting my warrior in singletarget dmg
- Surviving swaps
- Controlling the healer / feral for preventing cc on my druid

My problem is the following:
I can't go offensive because if I do they switch to me and blow me up. I have to use at least one major defensive cooldown to survive a swap of ONE of the melees on me and have to port immediately which makes me unable to get any control on the healer. I also cannnot hide because even if I do I have to somehow add pressure and they only need one gcd to jump to me which is critically especially after using port. We really tried a lot of things like cycloning the warrior out of side when he comes at me and stuff but it seems nearly impossible to survive without using my cooldowns nearly everytime one of them gets on me. Guess what happens if my cooldowns are blown. I should also mention that I actually do not panic because I have an enemy on my back. But I can see my health dropping rapidly without my druid being able to heal against such masses of damage and so I have to kite and blow things just to survive.

So my question to you guys is: What are you doing to prevent those situations?
It seems like fighting an uphill battle as soon as the gates open and I'm nearly out of ideas what to improve.
Even beastcleaves in wotlk were not that bad since you "only" had to survive the cooldowns and to play offensively as much as you could but this seems to be on a whole different level somehow.

(Do not get me wrong, I do not want anything like a "you will win this way aaaaallll the time"-guide or something, I know something like this does not exist. I would just like to know what you guys would do)
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