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Kittycleave with Shaman vs KFC HELP!

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 10:30 PM

I would link the clip of how the match went but I need to post 10 times first according to this website. You can find that I posted the clip on WoW Arena Forums, the topic is called "Rolled Over in Arena CLIP" First things to note are we all are undergeared as in dreadful and some malevolent gear.

Match begins, we're up against a 2200 KFC. We are on Ruins of Lordaeron, their Warrior and his whole team is charging over the tomb. The Pally bops him!? We think "ok this will be easy" The Pally is running towards my shaman for hoj so I Warbringer him while their Warrior gets on Shaman. He pop cds and our Shaman drops instantly to 15% first global. I disarm the Warrior. Druid overlaps with Cyclone (uh oh....) Warrior trinkets, leaps back on top of Shaman with cds still up and our Shaman goes right back down (lol leap dmg). Shaman pops every cd then as Hunter uses Stampede and Beastial Wrath. I use Mocking Banner on the Stampede, pets are on me. I shockwave everything, we are on hunter btw while peeling Warrior. Druid and I both use cds at this point on Hunter, Hunter dets and lives. Warrior gets out of Shockwave and is back on Shaman, our shaman has no more cds and their Warrior is doing insane amounts of unhealable dmg with no cds up. I use rallying cry and safeguard on Shaman. Before I can charge again Shaman just drops and dies.

Believe that this all happened in 20 seconds? Neither can I...

Sorry for the wall of text, again if you would like to see the match I posted on WoW Arena forums, this match is at 36:00 minutes, we face them again after wards and again at 47:00 minutes.
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