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spellnotifications addon problem

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 05:45 PM

I'm trying to get veev's addon spellnotifications to work for me. It does tell me things like "Colossus Smash Parried", but I can't get it to tell me when my healer is scatter shot. I've edited the LUA file to look like this

if (spellName == "Scatter Shot" or spellName == "Intimidation" or spellName == "Lullaby" or spellName == "Bad Manner") and (destName == "Cowasaki" or destName == "Amíza" or destName == "Amiza" or destName == "Mydadsbutt" or destName == "Sodahz" or destName == "Kollektiv" or (string.find(destName,"Amíza")) or (string.find(destName,"Vile"))) then

my healer's name is Amíza. It has an accent on the "i" and i've tried it with and without the accent. Neither has worked. Anyone got any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: I worked out how to fix it. It was the "í" character that was causing the problem. You have to put in a code for that character, a list can be found half way down the page here http://www.wowwiki.c...izing_an_addon.

The particular code I needed was "\195\173". So instead of typing "Amíza" I have to type "Am\195\173za" for it to work.

Just posting this in case anyone has the same issue and actually uses the search function. LOL yeah right.

Also this is very easy to setup in Weak auras too... should u wish to customize it to your own specification.
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