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[Spriest] 1v1 Troubles

Shadow Priest

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 05:50 AM

I've always played Disc (except for a few times during wrath/cata) so I've never really cared if I could take someone 1v1, but because shadow is decent now and disc regen is trash I'm gearing up and sticking with Shadow.

My problems stem from 1v1s, wherever I encounter them. In BG's or world PVP, it seems like our damage output is shit compared to others, especially melee (DK's, Warriors, Rets *somewhat*, Ferals, Enchance). I just feel like we have so little mobity or ways to get them off us.

Warriors seem to never be feared for more than 2 seconds, DK's put out so much damage and I can barely get them off of me.

It seems like unless I see them first and can get some dots + flay off, it's over. Being slowed to ~70% speed, my only castable dot is SW:P, and with so many interrupts I'm lucky to get a cast off.

I'm full honor gear with a few malovent pieces, but I still get destroyed. Had a warrior Shockwave, Fear, Pummel me and I was at 1/2 Health while he had one measley SW:P ticking on him.

My question is, is this how spriests are played? Are we simply support classes? I'm assuming so due to the nature of our best comps. Rogues and Mages pair best with us, and those 2 classes have the best peels in the game.

Even boomkins hitting me with 100k starfalls, followed by rounds of damage that I cannot seem to out-pressure. About the only class 1v1 that is close are hunters, mages, and locks.

Any help is appreciated.
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