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Enhancement shaman cry for help

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 02:52 AM

I am probably going to get flamed, trolled, and put on my *ss about this but maybe someone somewhere will shed some light on my problem.

I just recently have gotten my shaman to 90 and geared in full dread/mal except the weapon, I have played shaman a bit in the past and I feel like I am literally naked in the arena. I have only played 2s because the season is ending soon so I don't really see the point in being serious because I am not nearly skilled enough yet, and the season is ending. While playing 2s I am just getting completely smashed by new MMR players (not really sure how that system works) but, I should not be playing against crazy geared people right?

I am not sure what my real question even is, I am so flustered. I get in Pop my offensive cds ready to burst just to turn around to pop my defensive as a warrior 4 shots me.

I know that 2s is not balanced at all but, I just do not understand why I am getting completely rocked.

If anyone has any tips/info/mean constructive criticism please drill me with it, I need to learn.
I guess I am just going to wait for the new season and get the weapons/gear when they come out so I can be caught up, it is just crazy how gear means so much.
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