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[Paladin] Seal of Justice

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 02:44 PM

Hi there!

So i've recently bothered to look at Seal of Justice, and noticed it does more instant dmg (4%) and gives a slow effect. (yeah ive been living under a rock).

I always played with Seal of Truth like the most of you guys, and kept swapping between Burden of Guilt and Fist of Justice. This because i feel like both talents have it advantages on different setups.

Now i did some testing on dummies and duels, and the dot from SoT doesnt really seem to do it for me. Sure it gives a bit more damage and pressure, but since nowadays its a lot about burst, and SoJ gives more bust (i think?) i tend to be swapping to SoJ in arena nowadays.

This way i dont have to swap to Burden of Guilt and keep my lovely 30sec HoJ. So far i kinda like it but i was curious what other people think about this.

ps. im playing 2s

Let me hear what you guys think!
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