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<Helix> Rated Battlegrounds

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 11:52 AM

Helix is a level 25 PvP guild on the realm of Quel'Thalas.

Quel'Thalas lacks PvP (and PvE) players greatly. There is so little PvP there, it's embarassing.

I'm guild master of a guild called Helix, and we have tried to recruit PvP players to ressurect this realm in its PvP!

The core team is currently at about 1680 Rating in Rated Battlegrounds, but most of us are people trying Rated Battlegrounds or serious PvP for our first time in this season! We need more PvP enthusiasts, and good players to help us reach the top!

We have a very friendly environment, and are always Super social! We do random Battlegrounds together in groups of five very often to help eachother practice new specs, farm honor, or just have fun. We have a 20-slot vent server that's frequently used for our Rated Battlegrounds as well as just for random chatting. Finally, run Alt RBG's almost as often as Core RBG's, to help rate up and cap other members :)

I've never been very good with these kinds of messages, but I certainly hope this has caught you attention :)

Whisper Shuffler in-game on Quel'Thalas or add my Realid, [email protected] (with a description please!)

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