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Rdruid/Spriest/DK viability?

Druid Priest Death Knight

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#1 Mevx

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 02:44 PM

I've been running a shadowcleave of sorts (Rdru/Spriest/UH) for the past couple of nights with varying success (50% win rate) in the 1700-1800mmr bracket and I'm after some other opinions regarding its strength given the current mass of cleaves running around (all of which seem to have a warrior, to the delight of both of my partners). Here's a short list of what I'm feeling thus far:

- Strong aoe dps with spread diseases + dots
- Strong versatility and utility provided by rdruid + spriest
- Not overly CD dependent to force enemy defences
- Strong healer pressure due to VT dispel protection and necrotic stacking
- Solid CC when able to play offensively (low rdruid throughput limits CC opportunities when not able to apply pressure)

- Difficult to apply enough pressure to force melee cleaves into defending (mainly due to the high representation of warriors or DKs in these teams, thus having fear immunity)
- DK feels very trainable against melee cleaves (particularly KFC, TSG and kitty)
- The combination of the above 2 notes in conjunction with high rsham representation means poor druid throughput is exposed even more so, and often against these teams my partners will be killed through treeform (45k regrowth spam apparently makes us immortal?) + nature's vigil + ironbark simply because we lack adequate CC to counter-pressure.
- The setup feels too reliant on spriest offheals and dispels with druids in their current state post 15% pvp healing nerf. Due to this, if my spriest is being tunnelled or locked down the matches become very mana intensive and enemy damage can become unhealable. Similarly, the reliance on spriest healing also often ooms my spriest and requires the use of dispension for mana, making him a great swap target.
- The place of the DK in the setup feels as though it could be filled with a warrior (or rogue in 5.2) and improve the setup. While a DK has high damage output and aoe pressure as unholy, I feel as though they are lacking in solid defence against physical damage, mobility and reliable peels - all of which a warrior brings to the table.

I'm sure there are both more pros and cons, however it's almost 2am and I'm keen for bed by now. Given the above, would anyone consider this setup to be competitive in the current patch? I'd appreciate anyone with an insightful opinion adding their 2 cents worth into this discussion.

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