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WLS vs. Jungle Cleave

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Posted 26 December 2012 - 09:17 PM

Lately my WLS has ran into a wall against most hunter teams.
KFC without a hpal is 75% win/loss

today we has a medicore jungle cleave farm us.
On Dalaran and Blades we did alright.

If we survive their first burst we typically do alright (so twice..)

Our strat is to have the warrior go rambo and hold off so the Lock can post up an OP portal.

They start on the lock and CC chain me (shaman). At this point I'm forced to trinket (Cyclone/ice trap/ etc)
If I don't trinket the warlock is forced to use self heals and all defensive CDs.

on some maps the warlock can port away. When the warlock ports away they switch to me (shaman)

The pressure they put out is too intense and I'm forced to use spirit link the minute the hunter or feral blows CDs

After spirit link they switch to the lock if he has no defensive CDs and CC me or train me and I die from damage despite using spirit walk and all my totems. :mellow:

Paladin CC is on our warrior during their burst.

any tips?
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