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[Druid] Resto 2v2 Help

resto druid shadow priest 2v2 2s help 5.1

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#1 Semifiction

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 09:47 AM

Playing resto druid/shadow priest in 2s and can't get past the 1600 mark really. Have about 8k resil (63%) and 6.2k power (12%). Whenever one of us gets two dps on us we just go down. Either they're on me, stunning me and nature locking me, or they're on my priest and chain cc'ing me. Even when they're not chain cc-ing me, my regrowth spam can hardly keep the priest alive and I go oom after a while. Are restos just not meant for 2v2?

Thanks for any help.
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#2 Hazzah

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 10:37 PM

I'd say restos are one of the best, if not the best 2v2 healer simply due to their mobility and the fact that they have the strongest healing cd in the game.

It sounds like your mana control isn't what it should be, and additionally, seeing as you're dying, I'm guessing you don't kite enough?

I'd advise you to get interruptbar or any sort of addon that shows when your enemies use an interrupt so that you can fake-cast (meaning you start casting a cast then interrupt it yourself so they might use their interrupt). You should also get the barkskin-glyph for 2s, because otherwise you can get shat on by a double dps really quickly.

Other than that, try to do some BGs/duels with the sole purpose of surviving as long as you can. Kite with roots, cyclones and displacer's beast (you SHOULD have this talent for 2s). You shouldn't really lose to anyone in a duel unless they're good.

It gets easier once you get a hold of your t1-weapon, btw.
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