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[Death Knight] DK's in 5.x - 2H or DW?

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#1 7alisman

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 03:34 AM

Back story, I typically play 2s and 3s.

So, I am having a bit of an issue deciding on where to go with respect to my DK. Please understand I am presently playing casually, but I do intend to start working on my rating moving forward.

Here's the deal: Dual wield or 2H?

The reason I ask, is presently I am without a PVP weapon. As a result, I use my PVE weapons. I presently have 2 510 Elgions, or a 496 Starshatter.

Being of the classic train of thought I originally didn't even consider DW, as the obvious issues with Necrotic Strike. However, with there being such a large disparity in the ilvl, I gave my DW a shot. I noticed an immediate improvement in output (masterfrost 2/ BT vs 2H OB centric rotations).

However, with the swap to PVP weapons I'll take a rather large ilvl hit, and I am not sure if the increased scaling from mastery with DW +razorice would outbalance the reported scaling of PVP power with 2H nectoric strike absorbs

Perhaps a pro/con list? Anyone who has any insight on the matter care to chime in?

Thank you in advance.
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#2 Emuu

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 07:41 AM

Get the 2h weapon so you can try out unholy, it is much more effective in Arena as Frost. Also i would love to try out dw with t2 arena weapons, just for fun. I remember playing dw pre patch of mop. I enjoyed it.
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