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TSG (w/ HPala) - A bumpy ride

3s Holy Paladin Warrior TSG DK Arms 3v3 Strategy Strat Frost

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#1 kevolution

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Posted 21 December 2012 - 01:50 AM

Best AJ Community,

Me and my friends have been playing TSG (w/ HPally) since the release of MoP and we've been up for a really bumpy ride rating-wise (1780 pre 5.1, 1650 5.1 and now slowly working our way back up again). It's clear those ratings are nothing to boast about but considering our gear (We are lacking 3 Malevolent Parts w/ full t1 wep upgrades) I feel we really should be higher.

My questions are:
- Should the DK play as Frost or Unholy? Why?

- I as warrior (Human) have stacked resilience gems (@64%), is that the way to go in this comp? (Perhaps balance PvP power to increase pressure (@49% PvP Power currently).

- What is the ideal way to set up a kill as TSG (if there is any)? (Brainless pressure/Cooldown popping vs. masterminded switches/CCs)

- Our problems seems to be that other teams manage to put pressure on DK in order to swap to Paladin (post bubble) and as a result, score a kill, is there anything in particular we should have in mind in this regard? (Are other TSG's experiencing the same problem?)

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#2 Jaws

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 06:36 AM

I played TSG earlier this season up to about 2250 for my t2 weapon, our DK played frost considering they can burst targets down very quickly compared to unholy.

Our warrior used basically all PvP power gems for increased damage, however I'm sure you can run TSG using heavy resilience gems.

Your ideal kill strategy should involve obviously going on the easiest target to kill, while putting CC into the healer. There are many things you can do here such as swapping to the healer after they trinket, putting warrior on one target and the DK on another, etc. but we mainly stuck to a DPS while shoving cc into the healer (the paladin should be trying to get repents off as TSG is limited in cc)

DK's are very squishy atm, you should be trying to force major CD's from the other team early in the fight to try to score a kill as soon as possible, with your paladin trying to hold bubble as long as possible so they don't swap to him when it's down.

Hope this helped!
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