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Frostmage / Shadowpriest - Need help

Have tried everything

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#1 Benu72

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 07:19 PM

Hello AJ community,

so I am playing Mage/Spriest with a friend of mine, but we are currently stuck on around 1500. I was playing on around 1,9k in cataclysm.

Our tactics versus double DD are easy: Invis -> Pop everything -> In the next 5 seconds either we or the enemies are dead, It is mostly gear dependand, but we are winning most of the time.

but versus Healer we are always screwed... we tried CCing the healer and killing the DD, we tried CCing the DD and killing the healer... we tried putting all dots on both ( including nethertempest ) and running around pillars playing defensive until the healer goes oom... ( Most of the time my SPriest went oom first )

I just wanted to know if there are some common tactics we need to know.

Link to our armories: eu.battle. net /wow/de/character/aegwynn/Callidas/simple <- Me (Frostmage)
eu.battle. net /wow/de/character/aegwynn/Ythuro/simple <- (Shadowpriest)

Thanks in advance
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#2 Toxile

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 07:47 PM

Firstly, Go frostbomb. Nether tempest has no place for a frostmage in 2's. But how you would usually want to open is with a pom ring on the healer and hopefully the dps, Follow up with a frost bomb orb into deep. Make sure you priest positions himself for a fear out of the ring. This will gaurenteed force a trinket from either the healer or the dps, More then likely from both. If you think you can still kill follow the fear with a silence then another poly. If not then you reset and just run until you have a deep up or a way to get another poly or fear.

2's without a healer is all about doing maximum damage and avoiding all the damage you can. Make sure you use block whenever you cant get away just to save your priests mana in 2's blocking on 100% hp is a good thing if the enemy is popping cds on you and you have no other way of avoiding it.. Once you have deep up again your want to land a fear on the healer followed by a poly and then a silence/half fear this again without trinkets should be a kill. Also dont be afraid to go healers, Paladins especially they will die in the 3rd deep.

-Force everything in the opener using a pom ring in to fear on the healer and a deep on the dps.
-Make sure you avoid any damage that you can, dont be afraid to block at high hp. You're not playing with a healer after all.
-Try to play defensive when deep freeze is down.
-Setting up kills and CC chains basicly rely on your priest starting it with a fear.
-Paladins are free wins, land cc on the dps and deep the paladin into a priest silence. once he has no bubble or trinket hes dead.
-Dont forget you can alter time life swap for when they are training your priest, this is basicly an extra life for both of you.
-Shaman teams are going to be rough. Best bet is going shaman as you probably wont get any CC on him. if he is remotely decent.
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#3 Benu72

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 12:45 PM

wow thanks, that was exactly what I was hoping for. I have never thought of alter timeing lifeswap :)

We will try this today, if I have more questions afterwards I will post them here.

Thank you for your help!
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