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[warrior] my warriors damage

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#1 copenhageen

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 08:14 AM

my warrior is waynebraddy on bloodhoof, it wont let me post the url until i post 10 times, whatever

thats my warrior, now my question is, for some reason in arenas my warriors damage is lower then anyone elses. my warrior is geared, and besides the new pants i just got (i just put some random gems in there), i still suck damage wise in arena. we will fight mirror comps with other warrior who i out gear by a long shot (like me at 380k to a warrior who has 344k). and he will out damage me. idk what im doing wrong, i know know if my rotation is messed up or what im doing that im not do alot of damage. is there something crazy wrong with my gear i dont see? plz help, no troll plz!
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#2 Polizei

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 01:37 PM

Go to some PvE forums for uber PvE-rotation and execute it in PvP. You will be the winner!
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<poliisi mies kerho>

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