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[EU] Alliance - LFM RBG

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#1 Friv0

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 05:08 PM

Hello RBG-AJ community ,

Our RBG team is recruiting players so we can run RBGs even if we’re missing people from the core group.
We are  a really competitive team playing together since 2 weeks with 2/3 sessions a week. Actually we are all 2,300 + with 2400+ mmr. Most of our members know eachother very well , play/played in arena together and are active and dedicated.
We have good synergy and tactics on every battleground , we always try to improve our teamplay/tactics and analyze our losses aswell as our victorys. We stay calm and focused during games but we also like chilling and having fun on skype during the queues.

We are especially in need of :  
:warlock: Warlock (Destruction)
:warrior: Warrior (Protection/Arms)
:druid: Druid (Guardian/Feral)
:shaman: Shaman (Restoration)

Every other class/spec is free to apply also but we’ll be more demanding regarding experience and skill.

Requirements :

   - Mature, Active, Dedicated and Non-Rager

   - Good Quality Mic, Connection and Skype

   - Season 12 : 2300+ in arena or RBG

   - Past Seasons : Gladiator/HotA , 2600+ in arena or RBG

   - Minimum of 480 ilvl with T2 weapon

   - 18+

   - Fluent English and Vocal


Flag Carrier :

:warrior: Ricovega – Outland, Hota x1

Healers :

:shaman: Reinz – Nordrassil, Top 5 3v3
:paladin: Prominent – Outland, Top 10 3v3/HotA x2
:druid: Popinskí – Ravencrest, Glad x1

Damage Dealers :

:mage: Zeål – Auchindoun, Top 3 3v3/Glad x1
:mage: Iøz – Outland, Top 10 3v3/Glad x1
:deathknight: Mowyo – Outland, Glad x2
:warlock: Dubsget – Nordrassil, Top 5 3v3/HotA x1
:priest: Døtaløt – Nordrassil, Top 5 3v3
:druid: Zenzi – The Maelstrom

Target Callers :

Primary : :deathknight: Mowyo
Secondarys : :mage: Iøz, :mage: Zeål

Please contact Mowyo on Outland or Popinskí on Ravencrest for further info on the new RBG guild DDos.

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#2 idevpro

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 08:39 PM

Name: Supremacý
Class: :hunter: Hunter
Spec: BM.
Arena ratings: 2564 (3s), 2400+ (5s), 2229 (2s)  On season 12.
Prev Exp: Nothing special, never played any season serious since i used to quit quickly.
Rbg rating: 2160 (first season to play rbg, haven't touched cataclysm expansion)
Age: 22
English: Very good

Very good skills when it comes to 1v1 or 1v2+, Good at defending/communicating.

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