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How to improve Windwalker in PvP

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#1 Wetro

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 05:07 PM


since im playing Windwalker for quite a while i decided to summarize some thoughts about how Blizz could improve
Windwalker in PvP.

Maybe some changes sounds a bit op, but please keep the current state of Windwalker Monks in mind ;P

Im going over to every single Spell that needs a change in my Opnion with a abstract statement.

btw.... it's just my OWN opinion ;)

Tigereye Brew: Forcing us to stack up our Burst CD is a stupid Mechanic. We should be able so popp our major
Damage Cooldown if the Situation allows us or we want / need to do it, not if the stacks force us to.
(Like every other class can do it.) So i would like to see Tigereye Brew on a 1 Minute Cooldown,
increasing Damage done by 20%, lasts 15 Seconds. No freedom buff or smth. like Avatar to excuse the low Cooldown.

Roll: It is just stupid to roll through a Target to stay on the same Range as before,
so please let us be able to cancel Roll like Flying Serpant Kick.

Tiger's Lust: If we stuck in a Root with 0 Chi we shouldn't be forced to use 2 globals and a decent
Selfheal to get out of it. (one GCD for Tiger's Lust and one for Expel Harm to get the Chi for it.)
Things like that are the main Reason Tiger's Lust should be on a 15 Energy Cost instead of 1 Chi.

Paralysis: Some Monks spells change their effect if used from behind / front.
This Mechanic is hard to predict, buggy and shouldn't be in the game.
To excuse the low CD, Paralysis should NOT remove DoTs like many Monks wants to.
Instead of that, Paralysis should be full durated even if it's used from the front.
So higher the Cooldown on 20 Seconds, but remove the different Effects based on the Enemy's Positioning.

Spear Hand Strike: Same Change as Paralysis. Cost and Cooldown are completly fine.

Chi Wave: Chi Wave heals for a decent amount and it's very usefull! BUT, the randomness this Spell has sucks.
You defenitly should be able to controll your off heals instead of throwing them in and hoping that they will
bounce to the right target...
Because of that Chi Wave needs to be revised.
Chi Wave should be a (maybe undispellable) HoT that lasts for 3 Seconds, ticking every Second and Heals
something like the amount Chi Wave does right now. Should be on a 10 Second Cooldown.
This would higher Windwalkers Skill Cap slightly because you actually would have to schedule your off Heals.
On top of that you could heal yourself for a little bit while LoSing without a target to hit, what is really needed.

Fists of Fury: No statement of that but we should be able to Channel it while moving...... Don't ask - just do it :D.

Sparring: If glyphed, Sparring gives u a Chance to deflect Spells... so please let it trigger from spells
and not only from physical Damage...

Damage Abilities: Windwalker Damage output is fine but in my opinion it is to based on Rising Sun Kick.
So I would like to see a slightly lower Damage by Rising Sun Kick but a decent increase for Blackout Kick
and also Tiger Palm and even Jab should move HP Bars for a litte bit to make Windwalker Damage more consistent.

That's it^^
Wondering if you Guys would like this Changes - let me know ;)

Wetro - Blackrock EU

Edited by Wetro, 31 December 2012 - 03:37 PM.

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 06:14 PM

Sounds like mostly quality of life changes, while monks need a lot more to put them up to the level of other melees. They are by far the squishiest, their mobility is one of the worst, and one of their prime damaging abilities being -channeled- is just bad design. Their damage is good, and their CC is really good for a melee as well.

They have loads of control, I would say it rivals rogues. The paralysis being shorter from the front is a good mechanic. It allows for more skillful play from the opponent about to get hit by it. It's the same as rapidly twisting your character when using an aura mastery against a rogue to avoid being gouged on it. I think it should stay.
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#3 RavageDionne

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 06:18 PM

In PvP your damage should mainly be coming from Touch of Karma. 100% absorbtion + damage redirect on another target? Yes sir. Not to mention your 9s stunlock into a 7/4s sap, followed by a 4s silence/8s disarm (respective classes). There's not much that needs changed (yet).
TB is awesome. The charges persist through death, and have no cooldown, making it rather easy to get a lot of stacks.
Roll is fine how it is. It's pretty hard to stop momentum of a roll when you throw all your weight into it, plus, it doesn't even throw you that far. I'd opt for roll to be changed to break a root or ignore a landbased snare every minute or so.
Tiger's Lust isn't solely for you, for one. If you're sitting in a root with no chi, you're not doing it right. Learn how to preserve and expect the root, and diffuse it if you can. You also might want to throw some fire blossoms out instead, it does higher damage if it travels 10+yrds. But it'd be nice just to see Tiger's Lust off gcd, since it'd make more sense anyways.
Fists of Fury stuns. Why the fuck do you need to move with it? It also pumps out a shitload of damage, but divides among the targets. No reason to cut your damage down.
SHS is extremely useful. Only a fool would give you his back in PvP, you should stun them if they're casting back to you, then silence them when they turn around.
Chi Wave goes for your main target for damage and the member in your group with the lowest health. Not that unpredictable. No clue why you'd use Chi Burst though, it blows. Cast time? Bleh.

I agree wholly about the damage changes. The sustained damage and chi generators are supremely weak.

You might want to revise your suggestions though, (and spellcheck, sorry) they're rather bias and some are just asking for a skillcap drop, which isn't cool.
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