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Spriest, Hunter or Warlock -> The great dilema

Spriest Hunter Warlock best Or

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#1 Kanzler

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 04:24 PM

Hello guys,

I´m starting to level my alt, but I can´t decide between my Warlock, Hunter or Spriest.

My main focus in pvp is 2v2 Arenas for rating and Rated Bgs. I don´t really play 3s because I play arenas with my brother and we really don´t have the time to find a partner and coordinating the times to meet is hard.

My mains is a Boomkin and my brother is a Mage, doing faitly well in Arena (2v2), we only play for the points atm, so we have reached 1.7k just playing the 6-10 matches a week.

He is leveling a Dk, so that´s him alt, so now I have to decide which I´m gonna choose:

So: What is better for 2v2 and possibly 3v3 paired with a DK! Warlock, Hunter or Spriest?!?!

Was planning on leveling my Spriest, but with the damn meele cleaves and warriors/DKs beeing inmune to fear coupled with Shammys Tremmor, my only CC (apart from blancket silence) would be useless and with the nerft to spectral guise, trained like always. But I keep reading in the forums that Spriest are still faily powerfull and a great support class)

We could change comps eventualy, maybe "new alt" with Mage and my Druid with his DK. And I wouldn´t mind going Disc if it becomes viable again, which I higly doubt.

What do you guys think, better try to answer it like, I this:if you had a free character instant level to 90, which would you pick? Priest? Hunter? Warlock?...got a level 85 Rogue and Shamman too, but I don´t like shammys heals...

Please tell me why you chose the class you chose! The reasoning behind it!
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