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2v2 RShaman/BM Hunter Vs Arms War/Resto Druid

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#1 ThatOrk

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 10:05 AM

Ok so I recently started doing arenas properly and one of the problems Ive had is that Resto Druids sometimes win the mana war. The CC they put on my partner means we do less damage there fore he saves more mana. (I'm usually the target)

These fights are really long and tbh I have no idea how to counter the resto druids mechanics. Not wasting burst on tree form is one of the only strats I have atm. Wait for Tree form then burst.
However with a comp like the one above strong warriors put a lot of pressure on me so we need our CCs to slow them down.

Some insight into druid mechanics + survival would be helpful thanks.
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#2 idevpro

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 12:08 PM

Kill drood, swap to warrior when you can't reach him, stun warr sametime u put trap on drood, or trap warr/silence/stun drood, keep switching and its easier to kill the drood.

Use Narrow Escape, or Posthaste if u want to chase drood more, use disarm pet one of ur stampede collection to disarm warrior before walling, hexing target u kill is really good too, make sure ur shaman spam purge drood hots when you're bursting
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#3 Mattadoro

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 06:47 PM

if the druid stays stealthed and the warrior has no pre hots you should open on him with solid burst and be ready with a silence as the druid comes out. This will put them behind and might force a cd or 2, mana shouldnt be an issue for the healer as warr druid has no freedoms besides avatar and conc shot has 100 % up time you have an undispellable root anytime the hunter disengages. just drink whenever there are opportunities and dont tide out in the open, as for the druids mana you have both Tranq and innervate. If the druid displacers offensively or just for cc he becomes swappable.

all that being said it wont be easy or fun to get a kill.

as a t2 hunter if im vs warr resto and the druid stays in stealth i can get a kill within the first minute but with just t1 weapon i highly doubt it would be possible.

if druids are chasing to stop drinks you can start casting scare beast and it'll cause multiple shifts and slow them down

Don't be afraid to scatter warrior during reck avatar

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