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Warlock. What Spec?

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#1 al9ska

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 08:45 PM

Hey guys, I am not a pro warlock, but I am on it, so after those all those nerfs of locks, is it still good to play Demo? or reroll affliction for arenas? What are viable comps for affli lock?
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#2 al9ska

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 12:05 AM

and I dont understand the part when people say that affli sucks, I do more damage in arenas than anyone else at 2k mmr
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#3 Polygonzz

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:52 AM

Honestly, they are all kind of bad atm so pick whatever suits your playstyle. As affliction some partners that would work are mage, warrior, boomkin, unholy dk, there are probably others but basically you need a partner who can one shot an enemy player while you use blood fear / deep (or shockwave or whatever) to cross cc and blow something up and maybe spam haunts for the kill since aff burst is dog.

Personally, I dislike destruction since I play with a warrior and as the only dps caster on my team my burst becomes really obvious and easy to shut down when I play high rated teams. The amount of instant cc pretty much destroys destruction as lock/melee/healer imo. If you play with another wizard destro is definitly viable, some people have had success with boomkin, mage or spriest on their team.

As affliction you top the damage meter but outside of dark soul the damage is outhealed easily.. the spread pressure from affliction is bad and so thats why you see less affliction locks on the ladder. Its definitely 2.2k viable but beyond that I wouldn't recommend playing it. The survivability is arguably the worst of the 3... no ember tap and no double port / demon form. There are some really high rated affliction locks though so if you're really good at it and enjoy the playstyle keep at it.

Demo's one shot macro was nerfed and outside of that the pressure is also kind of bad. I still like the knockoff and the fact that you don't have to cast during your burst like destro / aff since there is so much instant cc to peel or counterspell your cooldowns etc. The aura is still okay against some melee teams that lack offensive dispel and the mobility you gain from having 2 ports and a 12 second rocket jump along side a huge armor bonus and 35% reduction to stun duration makes demo a really tanky spec.

I'm gonna keep playing demo for now but maybe go affliction on my alt and practice it. I think maybe with on use 1 minute and engi gloves I can do enough pressure to rot a team... but with heals the way they are one cast can top an enemy and they can just dispel every haunt if they want and 0 pressure...

TL;DR It depends on comp but demo is still better than afflction imo and I think destro is only really viable with another ranged class on your team since so much instant cc to stop the chaos bolt casts

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