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spriest/warr/mw monk vs rogue/hunter/hpala

mistweaver monk shadow priest warrior rogue bm hunter paladin cleave melee

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 02:45 AM


I currently run 3s as a mistweaver monk with a shadow priest and a warrior, at about/above 1800 MMR on a random european BG, and we are slowly working our way up in gear and practice. We actually do quite well against many melee/caster and caster/caster comps but struggle against melee cleave. Today we really hit a brick wall when fighting this specifik rogue/hunter/paladin.

We know we lack a lot of gear (we all run T1 weapon upgraded/dreadful set/malevolent offpieces/resil gemmed) and well aware that having full gear would have helped us a lot in regards to both surviving and keeping up in damage but we still felt (at least at our rating) we could have beaten them. When we fought them on Ruins we lost all the time and figured it was the map advantage because when we fought them on Dalaran we could line of sight [the hunter] and control the fight much better and probably would've landed a kill until our warrior lagged out.

From my point of view, being the mistweaver monk, we had two main issues:

1. The amount of CC they could use on us forced us to go defensive all game until we ran out of defensive CDs. Our games basically went: rogue and hunter trained shadow priest stopping his damage, warrior was controlled by rogue and paladin and me getting CC chained by hunter alone. It basically always ended with them landing a kill on priest when I had no option but to trinket a CC followed up by rogue blind or paladin blind/HOJ. Priest did okay in eating/dispelling traps but I guess it could've been executed better but even so hunter owned me.

2. Who should we go for? We usually train hunters and rogues with quite a lot of succes but against this specifik team and comp our warrior had a really hard time connecting. When we tried hunter he kited and when we went rogue paladin kept up with our damage and made it overall even more dangerous for us since the hunter could just stand there unloading.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we could try or maybe change glyph and talent-wise, or do we have to accept the fact that this is might be a counter comp or try and hold out until we have better gear? I understand that probably very few plays a monk or even with a monk - not to mention the comp I run - but I figured I'd ask anyways.

Thanks in advance,

PS. Sorry for the wall of text.
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