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Mechanics and defensive macros

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#1 romelako

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Posted 05 December 2012 - 05:51 PM

I know some of my questions may come off as silly, but coming from a Starcraft 2 background, mechanics were equally as important as one's strategical skill and knowledge. To get straight to the point, where should my eyes be focused when I'm playing in arena? To give an idea how I'm thinking of this question, in Starcraft 2 (along with LoL and DotA), you really want to be keeping your eyes on the minimap the entire time and trying to minimize the amount of time you look at the main window (as ironic as that sounds). You do this to help with your overall awareness of the game because the minimap provides so much information.

As a healer should I really only be focusing on health bars or the enemy health bars (via gladius)? I'm assuming you want to be looking at your spells as little as possible (only when you're checking a cooldown) and trying to also get good positioning and such. Any insight?

And in terms of defensive cooldowns, specifically for a Druid, should I be macro'ing all of my defensive cooldowns in a one-shot macro kind of thing? For example, when I use Barkskin, I also cast Ironbark on myself (if it's up), the extra haste from Herbalism, and Nature's Vigil. Tree form is coupled with Nature's vigil as well to maximize on healing. All of these spells (other than the haste from Herbalism) have also their own individual hotkey so it can be used individually, but I hardly use them individually outside of Ironbark (to cast on others). Is this good play or does it take away too many options for me in terms of defense?

I apologize for my long essay of a question, I'm just interested in improving my gameplay and hopefully gaining more insight. Although the World of Warcraft community is probably a lot larger than the SC2 one, the forum support of WoW is definitely sub-par compared to SC2 (TeamLiquid). I'm asking because I cannot find this information elsewhere, so hopefully you can help me out. Thanks in advanced!

~ Romelako
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#2 Dargonlordx

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:44 PM

I've played WoW for such a long time that all the cooldowns are in the back of my head, when I fear I know that I dont need to check the cooldown when it's about 1-3 seconds left automatically.
From that experience I can focus on positioning of my and the opponents team, wich is one of the most important aspects of arena.

Always try to have a good overview of the game and anticipate when you need to look at your health bars, place your focus castbar so that it always is visible and try to keep an overhead view of everything at all times, but mainly whats going on in the game. I for one can't play without game sound because I use the different spell sounds as help to understand whats going on around me when I really do have to look at my health bars.

Practice trying to spend as little time as possible watching your actionbars and anticipating when the cooldown is about to be finished and instead get a better overview of what is actually happening.

I've seen many people just running around like retards and doing stupid shit because they watch their bars too frequently. Use positioning to your advantage and always try to see what's going on in the game :)
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